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Seizing The Internet - Stealing Our C. Gilman Jones


Seizing The Internet - Stealing Our Voice

      The Liberal political wing in the United States has experienced a bitter defeat in spite of a media who has weighed in heavily in their favor, through-out the election of 2016.
 Nobody predicted that Trump would outsmart them all.. None of the pundits thought he could win and he was ridiculed at every turn.. Trump supporters, however took to the internet as did Trump and successfully turned the tables on the mainstream media…

Not only has this been devastating for the democratic party in the United States it has infuriated men like George Soros, Bill Gates, who has been silent as is per his MO, and certainly not least the big bosses of internet communications who have been closely linked to the Obama White House..

Google for example is not what they appear to be.. Members of the Google staff were found to have had 427 meetings at the White House from Obama’s first month in office in 2009 until October 2015, that included government meetings with representatives of Google-affiliated companies Tomorrow Ventures and Civis Analytics. Oct. 15 to present figures are not available

It has been obvious that “Liberals” love to coin phrases that demonize certain people or ideas like “conspiracy Theory” and “Bigot”… This is a way to deflect and distract. They could not get away with it during the election but they haven’t learned their lesson and continue to underestimate the American public. 

Here’s the connection:

Google and Zimmerman (Facebook) are colluding with Obama to seize control of the internet by virtue of Censoring content under the guise of “Fake News”; This term was subtly introduced some time ago. Obama is now boldly speaking about “fake news” in his speeches as he complains about the democratic system that has gone awry.. Jack Dorsey is also involved from Twitter..

I mentioned previously that Google staff visited the White House 427 times. The Google employee with the most visits is the company's head of public policy, Johanna Shelton, who paid the White House 128 visits. As it turns out Johanna Shelton is a former government employee and an attorney who graduated from Georgetown University. She served with the US House of Representatives and Federal Communications Commission and Senior Counsel, House Energy & Commerce, Telecommunications Subcommittee.. She has a veritable web of power at her disposal..
Are you getting the picture here?

So these brilliant minds came up with the idea to coin and push the phrase ”fake News” as a platform for intervention into the internet and censoring our information flow;  The very thing that won Trump the Presidency!  Just like the idea of ‘green energy” was used to promote a system of energy and regulation because nobody could argue with wanting a cleaner world; right? Except it was bogus and the idea was to use this platform to regulate manufacturing, transportation, food production, energy production and everything else that sustains life on the planet..

Open Border people are in damage control mode now to prevent Trump from being re-elected or becoming too popular by controlling information now.
Yes, communications has been proven to be the weak chink in the chain, so to speak.. So now it is “Fake News” as a platform to take away our free speech and control the international flow of information.

They have been spreading the news that the Russians have altered the Presidential elections, in the United States, by disseminating “Fake News” ;which needs to be controlled as a “National Security” issue…  First of all we used to call it “propaganda”.. Maybe they think that the younger generation will not understand this big word; or maybe they like “fake news” because it can easily be applied to political or nonpolitical sources alike (like you and I)….

If you have certain doubts about this you can refer to a statement released by Google when they were asked about all of the meetings at the White House and with the President.. The boldness is quite astounding..
Google wrote that topics discussed in the meetings ranged from patent reform, STEM education, and self-driving cars, smart contact lenses, to Internet censorship, and cyber security.

The process has begun already, but even if you are aware you cannot know about what you never see.. We as citizens must seek alternative forums and methods for communication so that they will not win this battle.. Donald Trump has begun to form his own media outlet and we hope that this will also extend to internet engines that will circumvent these giant internet organizations, who think they rule the world already..

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